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When you purchase Fleischmann’s Yeast, AB Mauri Bakery Ingredient or other brands,...

…you can count on AB Mauri as a world-class source for a wide variety of yeast and bakery ingredients. When you purchase Fleischmann’s Yeast or AB Mauri Bakery Ingredient and other brands, you will have the confidence that our team of research, technical service, sales, and client service professionals stand ready to provide solutions that work for your business. We will thoroughly assess your ingredient and process needs and help optimize your operations for you to win in the marketplace.

Ask an AB Mauri North America client service representative about how our yeast and bakery ingredient products can help your business improve its baking process operations.


Developed by AB Mauri in response to the ever-increasing challenges within the bakery industry, Arctic Frozen Dough Solutions is a superior line of innovative improvers that enhances stability, tolerance and consistency—and delivers extraordinary results—in artisan and industrial frozen dough and pastry formulations, such as bread, par-baked bread, buns, rolls, croissants and Danish. The range of Arctic Frozen Dough Solutions, each a unique blend of enzymes, emulsifiers, yeast food and oxidants, includes clean-label options.


Modern bakers face the pressure of producing high-quality, traditional breads for an ever more knowledgeable customer, but without the luxury of time for long dough fermentations or for managing their own sourdough formula. Aromaferm Cereal Ferments allow bakers to consistently bake sourdough flavors into their breads and benefit from all of the enhancements of fermented cereals quickly, easily and cost effectively. The Aromaferm product range consists of three clean label dry products as well as an additional liquid cereal ferment.


For customized color and flavor solutions with superior technical collaboration, you can count on AB Mauri. Our complete lineup of high-quality molasses, malt and syrup solutions, deliver increased enzyme activity, enhanced crust and crumb color, controlled moisture retention, sweet flavors and desired finished product aroma qualities.


AB Mauri offers a complete range of high-quality yeast and chemically leavened preservation solutions that help reduce the growth of mold and bacteria and slow spoilage in many food products. Our family of products features advanced specialty ingredients that provide proven performance and deliver unsurpassed consistency. For customized traditional or clean-label preservation solutions with superior technical collaboration, you can count on AB Mauri to help you find the cost-effective solution to prevent spoilage.


AB Mauri offers you a complete spectrum of high-quality chemical leavening agents. Our family of products features advanced specialty ingredients that provide proven performance and deliver unsurpassed consistency for a wide array of baked goods, including tortillas, cakes, pizzas and more. Designed to optimize your baked good formulations, our high-quality leavening solutions deliver uniform blending, controlled gassing activity and your desired finished product qualities. Whether you are in need of single- or double-acting customized leavening solutions, low sodium or traditional leavening options, our superior technical collaboration will help you optimize your process and perfect your baked goods.

Burgen & Indulge

AB Mauri now has capabilities for mixes, concentrates and blends for breads, biscuits, crackers and a variety of sweet goods such as cakes, doughnuts, honey buns, muffins and brownies. Our 44,000-square-foot mix and milling operation in the U.S. offers two blending lines for whole grain mix concentrates, a sweet goods line and more.


With access to enzymes around the world, our scientists and technology experts provide a holistic approach for creating oxidation blends to meet both bakery and consumer demand. Our technical expertise takes a personalized approach to help you consistently create your desired strength and tolerance to yeast-leavened products. We will help you enhance your baked good’s grain characteristics and improve overall grain texture. Our oxidation systems allow you to consistently control the finished volume and crumb structure of your baked goods.

Non-GMO Project Verified

Industrial and artisan bakers looking to meet consumer demand for Non-GMO Project Verified products now have a new, first-class solution. AB Mauri offers a lineup of six Non-GMO Project Verified dry yeast products available to the industrial baking marketplace. AB Mauri offers expert, specialized knowledge and technical capabilities to help you achieve maximum efficiency in your bakery operation. You can be confident that the AB Mauri Non-GMO Project Verified yeast solutions will deliver the results you expect and your customers demand.


Bakers in search of ways for responding to the increasing demand by consumers for organic products now have a new baking solution. AB Mauri offers an organic line of dough strengthening and extended shelf-life solutions. Our technical experts and specialized knowledge and capabilities will help you achieve maximum efficiency in your bakery operation. We offer critical testing methods to enhance baking solutions and optimize finished products. In compliance with strict cleaning, production, and storage guidelines, you can be confident your finished goods comply with all QAI organic certification requirements.


At the forefront of baking innovation, AB Mauri offers an extensive portfolio of enzymes solutions from around the world. Our global range of conditioning solutions delivers quality and consistent dough conditioning solutions to meet the needs of tomorrow’s bakers today. Whether you are looking to remove monoglycerides or reduce mix time, we can help create custom enzyme blends to deliver consistent execution every time. Our ease of scaling technology delivers the freshness, crumb, and color you desire.


As a leader in softening technology in baked goods, AB Mauri has a full portfolio of single enzyme and customized enzyme blend softening solutions. Our family of products features specialty ingredients that provide proven performance and deliver unsurpassed consistency. Designed with extended shelf life (ESL) in mind, our enzyme solutions synergistically support each other in softening crumb texture. AB Mauri will help select the enzymes needed to create the crumb softening, crumb texture and finished bread moistness qualities you need.


AB Mauri puts flexibility and simplicity back into the hands of the manufacturer. Developed by tortilla ingredient experts, the Supremo Tortilla System is a series of high-performance ingredient modules for leavening, conditioning, preservation and extensibility that can easily dialed up or down so that you can produce a variety of tortilla types.

Fleischmann’s Fresh Yeast

Fleischmann’s Yeast products are special strains of yeast that are chosen and cultivated for uniformity, hardiness, strength, stability and consistency. Fresh yeast is used by bakers in a wide variety of bakery applications from low-sugar French breads to high-sugar sweet rolls. It has excellent activity that works well with automated bakery equipment because it reduces variance and narrows proofing windows. Fresh yeast is available in cream, crumbled and block forms.

Fleischmann’s Dry Yeast

Fleischmann’s Baker’s Dry Yeast has an extended shelf life of two years. It is easy-to-use, offers excellent stability and consistency and comes in active and instant forms.