AB Mauri® North America is a division of AB Mauri, a global leader in yeast and bakery ingredient products.
In addition to headquarters located in St. Louis, Missouri, we have four production facilities in the United States (Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Wilsonville, Oregon; Memphis, Tennessee; and Greenville, Texas), two in Canada (LaSalle, Quebec; and Calgary, Alberta) and one in Mexico (Veracruz).

We sell yeast under the Fleischmann’s® Yeast brand name. Additionally, our signature line of quality bakery ingredients – including dough conditioners, mold inhibitors, chemical leaveners, vinegars, malts, syrups, acidulants and more – are sold under the AB Mauri® Bakery Ingredients brand name.

When bakers choose from our complete product portfolio, they experience our commitment to an ongoing working relationship — beyond just an ordinary product purchase. We thoroughly assess ingredient and process needs and provide the industry experience and proven critical thinking to help set your baked goods apart in the marketplace.

Around the world, AB Mauri operates 52 plants in 32 countries with sales in more than 100 and has its global headquarters in Peterborough, United Kingdom. AB Mauri was formed in 2004 as an operating division of Associated British Foods (ABF).

AB Mauri North America has access to a global network of baking knowledge unmatched around the world. This expertise covers the functionality and proper application of yeast and bakery ingredients, technical understanding of processing equipment, and beyond.

Ultimately, we are a baking technology company that is passionate about baking and driven to assist customers achieve superior quality. Industrial and artisan bakers looking for a total resource – whether it be for breads, buns, rolls, doughnuts, pizza crust, pastries, cookies, biscuits, crackers and more – can rely on us.


Company Values

Our People Make The Difference

At AB Mauri, we take a unique approach to the challenges facing today’s bakers within all categories of the baking industry.  In short, customer problems are our problems. Our employees – from client service representatives to line supervisors to bakery technicians – understand that our business is built on the needs and requirements of our customers. Our customers enjoy the confidence that our ingredients are world class and our service and technical expertise are unmatched.

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Global Network

Worldwide Network of Knowledge

AB Mauri North America has access to a global network of baking knowledge. This network of bakery specialists offers a caliber of expertise in all aspects of bakery applications not found elsewhere. This expertise covers the functionality and proper use of yeast and bakery ingredients, including an understanding of interactions and synergies, a familiarity with processing equipment, and an extraordinary, comprehensive knowledge of many, varied baking processes.

We succeed in helping our customers, many of whom operate in the world’s most demanding markets, to find solutions for moving their businesses forward by contributing our technical skills, our creative and practical product development ideas, and our marketing collaboration.

AB Mauri Map

A global company with a local presence.

Fleischmann’s Yeast and Bakery Ingredient Production Facilities

AB Mauri North America has multiple locations across the United States and Canada including:  AB Mauri regional headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri; yeast plants in Memphis, Tennessee, Calgary, Alberta and LaSalle, Quebec; and bakery ingredient facilities in Wilsonville, Oregon, Greenville, Texas and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

ABMNA is further supported by a global yeast production facility in Veracruz, Mexico.