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Environment, Social & Governance

At AB Mauri North America, everything we do is guided by our core values.

We are committed to contributing to the communities in which we operate and improving the world in which we live.

We do this by:

  • Furthering environmental sustainability
  • Being responsible for our people
  • Supporting communities
  • Promoting good health
  • Doing right by our business

Examples of ongoing ESG measures within our U.S. & Canada businesses


Water Conservation

  • Reducing water usage and waste in ingredient production
  • Reusing water from condensation & cooling processes
  • Exploring new water conservation measures

Energy Conservation

  • Installing energy-efficient lighting in our manufacturing facilities
  • Reducing yeast production energy requirements
  • Housing our ABMNA headquarters within a LEED-certified facility
  • Exploring alternative energy sources
  • Installing solar panels to supply all power for select warehousing

Air Quality

  • Substituting to organic-based cleaning solutions in our manufacturing facilities
  • Reducing the number of sanitation chemicals utilized
  • Reducing ammonia vapor production
  • Optimizing shipping routes to reduce emissions


  • Collaborating with municipalities to further relationships
  • Making smart, local choices for substrate materials
  • Donating bakery ingredients for local social enterprise bakery and food pantry use
  • Supporting dozens of local organizations through time and monetary donations


  • Core monitoring for anti-bribery, anti-corruption and anti-competitive behaviors
  • Taskforce creating climate-related financial disclosures and greenhouse gas reporting
  • Monitoring for data protection, IT security and whistleblowing
  • Assessing ESG performance and metrics