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Our Solutions

Custom Solutions, No Matter How Complex.

At AB Mauri® North America, we know the difference that world-class yeast and bakery ingredients, when combined with leading technical support and customer service, can make in the success of industrial and artisan bakeries alike. Our commitment as a complete resource includes the focus on key processes including:

Chemical Leavening

Our experts will assist you by developing chemical leavening technologies for your exact dough or batter formulation needs. Adjusting the gassing rate-of-reaction through formulation achieves the unique results that you are looking for in your tortillas, biscuits, crackers, cookies or cakes. Our baking powders and baking sodas go beyond formulation because we consider your application and process – such as temperature, specific gravity, and dough/batter development – to be tools for quality, so that you achieve consistent product attributes every time.

Oxidation & Conditioning

Our technical staff is experts in enzyme oxidation systems. While fermentation helps dough reach maturity, tough processing conditions call for added strength. We provide unique, application-specific dough-strengthening solutions to achieve maximum tolerance, proper dough maturity, and the best quality – at an affordable cost.

Quality Enhancement

To ensure optimal quality, including managing quality variations and solutions for avoiding unexpected fluctuations in quality, our technical staff will take a methodical approach to analyze your ingredients, analytical data, and formulations compared with industry standards, processing conditions, process equipment settings, and packaging materials.

Shelf Life Extension

Utilizing the latest industry technology, our experts will help you resolve shelf life extension, freshness retention, and preservation issues. With our quality products, including our unique composite enzyme-based ESL solutions and both traditional and clean label mold inhibition products, your baked goods will keep fresher, longer, and under a variety of circumstances – long after the consumer takes them home.


Utilizing our yeast products, advanced technology, and superior technical support, our experts will help you achieve superior quality in your bread products. Fermentation is dependent upon the environment to allow for yeast cells to convert sugars to carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is responsible for the leavening or rising, of the dough. We can help you achieve proper control of your fermentation process so that you deliver the best quality at the right price.