Customized Color & Flavor

For customized color and flavor solutions with superior technical collaboration, you can count on AB Mauri. Our complete lineup of high-quality molasses, malt and syrup solutions, deliver increased enzyme activity, enhanced crust and crumb color, controlled moisture retention, sweet flavors and desired finished product aroma qualities.


Dough Fermentation

Modern bakers face the pressure of producing high-quality, traditional breads for an ever more knowledgeable customer, but without the luxury of time for long dough fermentations or for managing their own sourdough formula. Aromaferm Cereal Ferments allow bakers to consistently bake sourdough flavors into their breads and benefit from all of the enhancements of fermented cereals quickly, easily and cost effectively. The Aromaferm product range consists of three clean label dry products as well as an additional liquid cereal ferment.