RapidRise® Instant Yeast


RapidRise® Instant Yeast

Fleischmann's RapidRise Instant Yeast is a highly beneficial ingredient for your baking needs. It significantly reduces the rise time, allowing you to enjoy your freshly baked goods faster. What makes this yeast special is its fine granules, which activate quickly without the need to dissolve them first.


The Industry Standard

Fleischmann’s Yeast 

Fleischmann’s Yeast products are special strains of yeast that are chosen and cultivated for uniformity, hardiness, strength, stability and consistency. Fresh yeast is used by bakers in a wide variety of bakery applications from low-sugar French breads to high-sugar sweet rolls. It has excellent activity that works well with automated bakery equipment because it reduces variance and narrows proofing windows. Fresh yeast is available in cream, crumbled and block forms.