AB Mauri debuts organic product line

Organic ingredients provide new dough-strengthening and softening options

ST. LOUIS (Oct. 6, 2015) Bakers who are looking to meet consumer demand for organic products now have a solution. AB Mauri, a global supplier of high-quality yeast and bakery ingredients, offers an organic line of dough-strengthening and extended shelf-life solutions.

AB Mauri’s organic offerings enable bakers to create organic products without sacrificing ingredient functionality or product integrity. The ingredients also help to provide bakers with a clean-label option for their finished goods.

“We developed organic options to meet the needs and preferences of many of our clients and their consumers,” said Mark Prendergast, president of AB Mauri North America. “The functionality of these products is the same; however, this new certification answers both customer and consumer demand for organic product.”

The following AB Mauri dough strengtheners and softeners have received organic certification and are recognized as organic in the United States, Canada and Quebec:

ICS 34-Oenzyme-based oxidant system for strength and tolerance in bread, buns and rolls; contains ascorbic acid
ICS 36-Oenzyme-based oxidant system for strength and tolerance in bread, buns and rolls; contains organic acerola cherry powder
ICS 37-Oenzyme-based oxidant system for maximum strength and tolerance in bread, buns and rolls; ideal for breads with high grain or seed use; contains ascorbic acid
Softase 701-Oenzyme-based extended shelf life (ESL) system for breads, buns and rolls; ideal for products requiring a soft, resilient crumb
Softase 704-Oenzyme-based extended shelf life (ESL) system for yeast-raised products with low finished moisture; ideal for products requiring a moist, soft crumb
Fermentase WM 200-Oenzyme-based dough conditioning system for water management; reduces water absorption in cracker and bread dough; ideal for croutons

AB Mauri North America also offers specialized expertise, knowledge and technical capabilities to help customers achieve maximum efficiency in their bakery operations. This includes critical testing methods to enhance baking solutions and optimize finished products.

“Our R&D Team is constantly working with customers and industry experts to identify needs and trends so that advanced product solutions can easily be transitioned into the marketplace when desired,” said Marie Thomas, vice president innovation, bakery ingredients, AB Mauri. “Bakers should be confident that our organic product line will deliver the results they want and expect.”

The organic products will be produced at the AB Mauri Bakery Ingredients Wilsonville plant in Portland, Oregon. The plant follows very strict cleaning, production and storage guidelines to ensure the finished organic goods comply with all QAI organic certification requirements.

About AB Mauri North America

AB Mauri North America – a division of AB Mauri – is a technology-driven company that supplies the food and baking industries with best-in-class yeast and bakery ingredients. Commercial bakers, in need of a total resource for quality ingredients, process optimization, and custom formula solutions, rely on AB Mauri.

The company sells yeast under the Fleischmann’s® Yeast brand name. An extensive line of quality bakery ingredients – including dough improvers, leaveners, tablets, mold inhibitors, enzyme blends, vinegars, acidulants, syrups, malts and specialty products – is marketed under the AB Mauri® Bakery

More information is available at www.abmna.com or by calling 1.800.772.3971.