New line produces consistent artisanal breads while saving time

ST. LOUIS (Feb. 22, 2016) Commercial bakers who desire authentic, old-fashioned bread products with modern benefits can now achieve both with Aromaferm™, AB Mauri North America’s new line of cereal ferments.

This new line includes a mix of powder and liquid products designed to give bakers enhanced flavor, texture and shelf life in their finished baked goods. Additional key benefits of the Aromaferm™ products include consistency of finished goods and decreased production times.

“In today’s marketplace, consumers have shown a preference for breads that are artisanal in taste, color, feel and shape,” said Barry Clayton, senior vice president of global applications, AB Mauri North America. “Aromaferm™ delivers a fast-track solution for bread bakers of all sizes to help produce finished goods with more flavor and desired shelf life without the requirement of maintaining sourdough starters and other time-consuming activities.”

The initial rollout of Aromaferm™ Cereal Ferments includes one liquid and three clean-label dry options. They range from a mild dry wheat and malt ferment to a robust liquid wheat and malt ferment. The following products are now available:

Wheat and Malt Ferment 110Mild and mellow fermentation flavor; ideal for delivering
fermentation flavor to straight dough; best used for artisanal breads, baguettes, sandwich bread, pizza bases and soft and crispy rolls
Durum Ferment 110Mild and mellow fermentation flavor; ideal for creating European artisanal white breads, rustic rolls, ciabatta and Italian baked goods
Wheatgerm Ferment 155Rich and nutty wheat germ flavor; delivers rich brown spectacled crumb; high impact sour flavoring ideal for whole grain and multigrain artisanal breads, baguettes, baguette rolls, mixed wheat breads and rolls and ciabatta
Liquid Wheat and Malt Ferment 90High impact San Francisco-style flavor with increased bread acidity; suitable for San Francisco-style pre-fermented based products such as artisanal breads, baguettes, ciabatta and rustic rolls

“We’ve done rigorous testing to determine and develop the ideal product line appropriate for both bakers and end consumers in North America,” said Marie Thomas, vice president of bakery ingredient innovation, AB Mauri North America. “We’re excited because these Aromaferm™ Cereal Ferments deliver ready-to-use solutions while enhancing existing bread profiles and improving crust and crumb flavor in no-time doughs.”

AB Mauri North America offers specialized expertise, knowledge and technical capabilities to help customers achieve maximum efficiency in their bakery operations. This includes critical testing methods to enhance baking solutions and optimize finished products.

Recently, AB Mauri North America also introduced an organic line of dough conditioners and other bakery ingredients, which provide a cleaner-label solution for customers.

About AB Mauri North America

AB Mauri North America – a division of AB Mauri – is a technology-driven company that supplies the food and baking industries with best-in-class yeast and bakery ingredients. Commercial bakers, in need of a total resource for quality ingredients, process optimization, and custom formula solutions, rely on AB Mauri.

AB Mauri North America sells yeast under the Fleischmann’s® Yeast brand name. An extensive line of quality bakery ingredients – including dough improvers, leaveners, tablets, mold inhibitors, enzyme blends, vinegars, acidulants, syrups, malts and specialty products – is marketed under the AB Mauri® Bakery Ingredients brand name.

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