Qualitase CLM Helps Bakers Remove Trans Fat in Bread, Buns & Rolls

ST. LOUIS, MO (June 19, 2015) Bakers large and small looking for ingredients that do not contribute trans fat to their bakery products now have a new, proven solution. AB Mauri, a global supplier of high-quality yeast and bakery ingredients, offers a trans fat-free solution – Qualitase CLM – that can help remove trans fats in baked goods and still maintain overall product integrity. Qualitase CLM (Clean Label Mono-replacer) is an enzyme system specifically designed to replace monoglycerides in breads, buns and rolls, delivering the desired freshness and fine crumb structure expected by large and artisan bakers. This enhanced conditioning solution is recommended for use in all applications of yeast-raised products wherever trans fats need to be reduced or completely removed.

“We are uniquely positioned to quickly assist bakery manufacturers to eliminate trans fat from their finished products,” said Marie Thomas, Vice President, Bakery Ingredients Innovation. “Our Qualitase CLM conditioning solution introduced earlier this year is a great trans fat-free alternative to monoglycerides and helps our customers meet the demands of baked good consumers.” AB Mauri North America also offers specialized expertise, knowledge and technical capabilities to help customers achieve maximum efficiency in their bakery operations. This includes critical testing methods to enhance enzyme-based solutions and optimize finished products.

“Our specialists are constantly working with customers and industry experts to identify needs and trends so that advanced product solutions can easily be transitioned into the marketplace when desired,” said Jim Bohrer, Senior Vice President, Technical Services. “Bakers should be confident that removing trans fats does not mean there will be an unpredictable delivery of active ingredients. We work with our customers to easily integrate Qualitase CLM into a consistent, desired baked good.”


About AB Mauri North America AB Mauri North America – a division of AB Mauri – is a technology-driven company that supplies the food and baking industries with best-in-class yeast and bakery ingredients. Commercial bakers, in need of a total resource for quality ingredients, process optimization, and custom formula solutions, rely on AB Mauri.

The company sells yeast under the Fleischmann’s® Yeast brand name. An extensive line of quality bakery ingredients – including dough improvers, leaveners, tablets, mold inhibitors, enzyme blends, vinegars, acidulants, syrups, malts and specialty products – is marketed under the AB Mauri® Bakery Ingredients brand name.

More information is available at www.abmna.com or by calling 1.800.772.3971.