AB Biotek Locks Up Distribution Deals With BSG & Pacific Coast Chemicals
Leaders in fermentation science and wine innovation join together to distribute and promote Pinnacle & Maurivin yeast brands in North America

ST. LOUIS (Jan. 24, 2018) – AB Biotek – a business division of AB Mauri created in March 2017 – and both BSG and Pacific Coast Chemicals – leading distributors of wine fermentation yeast – have individually formed new agreements providing yeast for wine to the North America marketplace.

Pacific Coast Chemicals will continue its distribution of the Maurivin portfolio of wine yeast in an arrangement that dates back to 2002, while BSG will begin distributing a new lineup of AB Biotek wine yeast under the Pinnacle brand.

“While AB Biotek is a relatively new name in the wine industry, our AB Mauri parent division has been active in this marketplace for several decades,” said Greg Strauss, senior vice president, AB Biotek North America. “Both BSG and Pacific Coast Chemicals are known for providing the highest quality products to the North American wine industry, and we’re excited to help them expand the footprint of our Pinnacle and Maurivin brands.”

The agreement is further supported by each distributor’s outstanding track record of service and education, as well as co-branded advertising and marketing materials.

“The relationship we’ve had with AB Biotek’s parent company AB Mauri and the Maurivin wine yeast brand is now more than 15 years old,” said David Kuenzi, business segment manager – fermented beverages, Pacific Coast Chemicals. “As the North America wine industry continues to grow, we’re even more excited about the opportunities to grow this important segment of the business.”

“Our deal with AB Biotek symbolizes the substantial opportunities taking place within today’s wine environment,” said Ryu Yamamoto, Technical Sales Director, BSG Wine. “With these new Pinnacle wine yeast products, we are expanding our reach within the important dry yeast category.”

The Pinnacle and Maurivin ranges consist of specially-selected yeasts that produce high-quality wines – from traditional red and white varieties to rosé and champagne. Beyond product, AB Biotek and its distributors Pacific Coast Chemicals and BSG assist customers by understanding their specific needs and requirements before recommending an optimal yeast strain for the ultimate end-use product.

About AB Biotek

AB Biotek contributes to the success of customers through the delivery of superior technical service and fermentation expertise combined with quality yeast and technology solutions for the alcohol beverage, biofuel, and nutrition industries.  AB Biotek has commercial scale yeast production capabilities in locations all around the world.  Additionally, the AB Biotek North America region headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, features a research and development laboratory that provides yeast and fermentation diagnostics.  For more information about AB Biotek and its offerings, visit wine.abbiotek.com.

About BSG Wine

Located in the Napa Valley since 2007, BSG Wine delivers top-of-the-line fermentation, cellaring, bottling and finishing products and other winemaking materials across United States and Canada.  A team of knowledgeable and friendly sales and management staff comes directly from the winemaking community and can assist with everything from fermentation to troubleshooting.  BSG Wine distribution centers strategically located across the U.S. help provide the products that customers need quickly and efficiently.  More information is available at www.bsgwine.com.

About Pacific Coast Chemicals

Pacific Coast Chemicals (PCC), a Ravago Chemicals Company, has been servicing the western region for over 40 years. PCC has been heavily involved distributing products to the wine industry since 2001, and have built solid partnerships distributing for numerous domestic and global manufacturers of winemaking items. We are proud to be part of such an innovative industry and to work with leading manufacturers and wineries. We strive to continue these strong relationships with our suppliers, customers, and our colleagues.  For more information about Pacific Coast Chemicals, please visit www.pcchem.com