High Performance Ingredients Tailored for Specific Tortilla Production Requirement

ST. LOUIS (Oct. 6, 2013) – AB Mauri® North America, a leader in yeast and bakery ingredient products and solutions, unveiled today the Supremo™ Tortilla System providing manufacturers the flexibility that is critical for today’s tortilla market. This new system is comprised of high performance ingredient solutions for leavening, conditioning, preservation and extensibility that can be easily tailored to deliver specific tortilla types based on individual requirements.

“To keep up with demand some tortilla manufacturers purchase multiple ingredients, which adds complexity to operations; others purchase batch packs, which ‘lock’ them into producing one type of tortilla,” said Michael Tamayo, senior business development manager of tortillas at AB Mauri. “The Supremo Tortilla System puts flexibility and simplicity back into the hands of the manufacturer with high performance ingredients that can be easily dialed-up or down, enabling them to produce a variety of tortilla types to meet market requirements.”

AB Mauri has developed a formula builder tool that allows manufacturers to select dosage and ingredients specific to their desired tortilla type. The Supremo Tortilla System ingredients are uniquely designed to work in synergy with one another, resulting in enhanced quality. The system also requires manufacturers to utilize fewer ingredients, which simplifies operations.

The Supremo Tortilla System is available now through your AB Mauri North America sales representative. For more information, visit www.abmna.com or call 800-772-3971.

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