New softening technology a game changer

Softase now offers a transformational extended shelf life solution to multiple demands for today’s bakers. Offering state-of-the-art softening with the added benefit of elite resilience and cost-in-use savings, new Softase Palladium 2300 meets and exceeds the challenges of the modern bakery.

Key features & benefits include:

  • Ideal for white, whole wheat and variety breads, including enriched breads like brioche
  • Features improved softness with category-leading resilience
  • Produces bread with unique, fresh texture and fluffy, springy attributes
  • Sweetness delivered enables bakers to remove 4-6% sugar from formula
  • Exhibits elite crumb deformation recovery above other enzyme solutions
  • Product is approved for use in the U.S.; Canada still under review
  • Creates bowl cost savings from sugar reduction and other formula adjustments

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